Early pregnancy services

Your local early pregnancy unit is still available but opening times and appointment availability may have changed.

If you have symptoms of pain and or bleeding in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy you may want to seek advice. Your local early pregnancy unit will be able to advise you as to whether your symptoms warrant an urgent or emergency appointment. It is likely that they will be unable to offer reassurance scans if you have experienced previous early pregnancy problems unless you have symptoms in this pregnancy but individual unit’s availability may vary. Keeping you away from the hospital unless absolutely necessary is to keep you and your family healthy. The following websites have helpful information and forums to access information and support. Contact details for early pregnancy services for your Trust can be found on the homepage.

Pregnancy sickness or morning sickness can be debilitating and difficult in the early stages of pregnancy. The Pregnancy Sickness Support website has good advice. Some women require hospital admission for rehydration. Try to follow the advice about drinking little and often to avoid this as much as you can. Where possible units will try to give you fluid and anti-sickness medication as a day patient to avoid you having to stay in hospital where possible.


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